A place to list all the fun inflatable toys and similar items that I own. Most of them posted up now, a few odd bits and pieces to add. Going to replace all the photos with my own over the next few weeks.

Snow Leopard

Puffypaws famous big cat, nearly 8 feet long and with a massive tail.

Sea Dragon

12 feet of massive room filling inflatable fun from Puffypaws

Blue Dragon

I’m sure you all know this guy by now, the big 8 foot dragon has been in my uploads for years.


My less than successful own custom toy project, just as big and strong as the others.


Big, plump, soft unicorn toy as designed and sold by Phenod


Ready for christmas, or any time, it’s Horseplay Toys’ big cuddly-soft reindeer toy.

Black Stallion

It’s a horse, from Horseplay Toys, but in pure, smooth, shiny black.


This Inflatableworld-made massive cute pile of soft, squishy plastic and air.


Another gigantic purchase from Inflatableworld, a huge, soft sunk with massive towering tail.


It’s Inflatableworld’s big, cute, surprisingly large fox shaped pool float.


Massive pool float in the shape of a peacock, with lots of room to sit on


It winds around and around, puffing up tighter as it holds you close all over

Big Shark

Over 12 feet of massive shark, huge and also bouncy-soft from Inflatableworld

Small Shark

The same shark, but before Inflatableworld had their fun oversizing the design.

Big Whale

Inflatableworld’s memorable first resizing of a classic design, ten feet of the famous orca toy.

Bigger Whale

Possibly the biggest pool toy on the market now, some room filling 16 feet from end to end.

Friendly Shark

The cute, happy looking shark ride-on from Intex

Purple Dolphin

This rare old Sunco toy, not often seen any more.

Pirate Shark

It’s a shark that’s a pirate.


Of course there has to be one of these, everyone has one by now, the famous Intex Orca.

Blue Whale

The classic orca design, but in transparent blue instead.

Mini Whale

Jilong’s version of the whale pool float, a bit smaller but still cute.

Old Whale

The vintage orca inflatable from Royal Beach, made with the older style extra soft vinyl.

New Whale

The new design ‘realistic’ whale toy from Intex


This cute little lizard themed ride-on float from Intex.


Alongside all the sharks and whales, why not a lobster shaped pool float.

Ray Ring

This cute little manta ray swim-ring left behind by previous residents of my student flat.

Manta Ray

The Intex brand manta ray style float, broad, flat and squeaky.

Manta Ray

The Bestway brand version of the manta ray, softer and greener.

Pink Lizard

Some sort of inflatable toy thing?

60″ beach ball

It’s a beachball, but bigger. A lot bigger.

72″ beach ball

Let’s go even more bigger with the beach balls.

Swim Rings

A selection of big chunky swim rings, good for wearing or getting caught inside.

Jumbo Swim Rings

Two even bigger, thicker, softer rings, massive to sink into the middle of.


It’s Shosu’s massive, super-soft inflatable tubes of air, in five different colours, so far.


It’s a big spaceship themed pool float


It’s one of these scary creatures, recreated in slightly more easily defeated, or should that be deflated, vinyl and air.


Just what every house needs, to have all its furniture slowly replaced with inflatable versions.


After inflating the sofa, why not also turn the bed into an inflatable too?

Paddling Pool

It’s some sort of miniature paddling pool that got left here by accident.

Tyre Pool

It’s a puffy-thick, extra soft paddling pool in the design of a big tyre.

Swimming Pool

The classic rectangular swimming pool, good for putting other things inside.

Jumbo Pool

An extra large version of the inflatable swimming pool, with built in seats.

Small Boat

A small blow-up boat, made from the softer red and black material.

Medium Boat

A mid-size blue up boat, made from the tougher yellow and blue material.

Big Boat

A large size blow-up boat, big, tough and blue