Beachball Deflation

I eventually did have to deflate that big beachball, it was taking up far too much space in the room, every time I needed to get anywhere, it had to be rolled to a different in the way spot, or picked up and shuffled around to squeeze past and back.

I’m hoping this video is popular, it has all the kinds of things people like, the huge toys, the beachballs, the soft, hissing deflation and views of the toy going flat and creasing up around me. As much as I collect and play with these toys for my own enjoyment, I’m not going to pretend that higher view numbers on the youtube don’t also make me happy, not least just because it means more other people are getting to enjoy something they like.


I actually made this video near enough a month ago, but where thanks to personal circumstances, and the general stuff going on in the world, I’ve not been reliably able to have time and space for recording more, I made sure to get a bunch in advance when I did have the chance, and spread them out over a few weeks. This one, from a week or so after the rest, is the last I had held back, but hopefully now things are getting back to normal. We’ll see what happens.

Going to leave one last teaser picture here from a brand new video and new delivery that’s going to be showing up soon, can you guess what it is?

Growing Struggle

Today’s youtube upload is one from the requests section of this website, I was asked to inflate something inside a shirt, such that the buttons popped off as it grew larger against me. This turned out to be something of a challenge, partly due to how strong shirt buttons actually are, and partly due to the large hole at the bottom of the shirt that half inflated toys keep falling through.

The current video is my third attempt at getting it right, and that only works because bits of it were edited together, with whole chunks taken out of the middle where I struggled to keep the big, half full beach ball under control. I hope the end result is at least enjoyable to watch for all that effort. This is also the last of the backup set of videos I made earlier in case I didn’t have opportunities to record more, from this week on videos are going to be made as and when I have time and space, hopefully still to the same schedule, but we’ll see.

I still have a few new purchases that have yet to make an appearance on the channel, so with luck they’ll be turning up soon, and of course the site’s requests feature is still active, so if there’s anything more you want to see, send ideas there.

Deflatable Heap

Another new video up on the youtube today, getting through the bunch I made in anticipation of having a lot less free time for doing so over these last few weeks. Another video featuring a stack of swim rings at that lovely spiral serpent, but probably the last of these I’ll be doing for a while, they don’t seem to be getting the interest other toys are. I’ve enjoyed making them, but I think I’ve done what I can with the topic now, and have a few new items to get out and play around with once I get another chance, probably next month as things are going now.

Still waiting to see what effect posting regularly once a week has on youtube’s recommendation of my stuff to people, apparently they rate channels higher if they’re more consistent, but we’ll see. Might be that my own social media spaces are a better way of reaching a larger audience, rather than relying on a website that isn’t getting any advertising money out of me and doesn’t much care for the content I produce. Whatever happens, though, I’m not going anywhere.

For now, enjoy watching me fall into a big heap of soft, squishy, gently hissing pool toys and squirm and flail about as I struggle uselessly to climb out from amongst them.

Behind the Beachballs


This week’s youtube offering consists of two versions of the same video, an inflation of a new jumbo sized beachball. I picked up this new beachball, the next size up from my previous jumbo ball, while looking at some other items over on, a shop you might be interested in supporting. This one is rated 72″ (based on the deflated length) and was surprisingly affordable compared to other similarly huge beachballs I’ve seen elsewhere, so I added it to my order, and now you get to enjoy seeing it shown off, and maybe even get one of your own. It seems to be a good mix of both soft and durable, so hopefully will be showing up in a lot more videos and photos still to come.


The original plan for this week’s video was to try out having two points of interest in the frame at once, to both show the steady, ongoing inflation of a large toy, and also have myself playing with another alongside it, taking advantage of the width of the camera angle and the time inflation videos usually take. In this case, though, the inflation only took a few seconds, so the idea didn’t quite work out, hence remaking a second video right after. Rather than trying to choose one or the other to post, I figured, why not let you enjoy both and pick your favourite.


Of course, now I have a giant oversized beachball taking up all this space in my home, blocking doorways and getting in front of the TV. Due to personal circumstances, I’m not likely to be able to make more videos for a while, including a deflation video of the giant ball, so I seem to be stuck with it. Luckily, I do have a couple more other videos saved and ready to go from earlier, so no worries there at least.

Stuck in the Rings

Setting up for this week’s new video (currently uploading to was a bit of a challenge, stacking all the many toys in the right way without falling over, though the end result was definitely worth it. Getting in and out of the stack was also challenging, though in a rather more fun way, for which a couple of little clips might appear online.

There was also a good chance that the video would just not work out well, the big, fun snake toy coming out of place and filling up off to one side, or not being able to stretch around the other inflated parts. I made sure to get a less adventurous but hopefully still fun to watch beach ball inflation video ready at the same time, in case it was needed, so that’s next week’s upload sorted too.

The plan for this month is to test out what the youtube algorithm thing does when I post videos regularly at the same time each week, so still a bit of a wait for that one, I’m afraid.


Fortunately, it was possible in the end for me to squirm out from amongst all those tightly entwined inflatables. The snake toy did a great job of holding them tight together, but luckily, for me, the top and bottom rings were not held in place. Maybe two such snakes, each wrapped around three rings would make a more sturdy stack, or had one of the smaller rings been around my waist such that it pinned my arms by my sides, getting free may have been almost impossible, not that anyone would want that. Just noting things to make sure not to do next time.

Sneak Previews

Here’s some teaser pictures of getting things set up for a new video coming soon. Stay tuned for more…

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2021, seems like a good time to bring this website back into use, and build it up even bigger and better than before. Stay tuned for plenty more posts to come, including behind the scenes pictures and news, updates on other related projects and hobbies, and whatever else turns up here.

How is the new year going so far for all of you?

Website Plans

Aside from a space to give some basic information on who I am and what I do, and to post a few nice photos of my fun inflatable toy collection, what else do I want to get out of this space?

I think the main things I want to focus on here at the moment are a recording of what toys I own at the moment, there’s quite a few to keep track of, and related to that, a space where people can request photos and videos with those toys, give ideas of what they want to see me doing and which ones they want to see more of, and I can have a go at filling those requests. Not sure exactly how to go about setting that up on the site, but I have a few ideas to test out, I’ll see if I can get it up and running by the end of this month.

Otherwise, I’m sure there’ll be plenty more I’ll want to post here, even if just more blog posts of things I’m doing or like or whatever I think of, we’ll see how it goes and what else I think of in the future. There’s plenty of room for a site like this to grow.

First Blog Post

The first new post I’ve made to a blog in about seven years, let’s see if I can keep this one active for a bit longer. So, I’m working on updating the new website, my first aim is to get the site looking nice, and second is to set up some organised system for taking requests and suggestions for future video content. I have a backlog of a few videos I made earlier in the month that I can use to keep my channel active while I work on this, the plan being to have the site up and running before those videos run out, which gives me at best nearly a month.

With the basics now in place, it should not be much work to get the rest online, though a lot of this is things I have not done before, or not done in a long time, so bear with me a bit if it takes longer. I may need to speak to a few people with more experience, but luckily I have met a few such in my years as part of this community.