Site Updates

It’s been a while, but I have sections on the site now for listing the toys in my collection currently, and a space for people to submit requests and ideas for new video content. There’s still space for more on the site, hopefully I’ll be able to keep adding new interesting stuff to it for a good while.

Website Plans

Aside from a space to give some basic information on who I am and what I do, and to post a few nice photos of my fun inflatable toy collection, what else do I want to get out of this space?

I think the main things I want to focus on here at the moment are a recording of what toys I own at the moment, there’s quite a few to keep track of, and related to that, a space where people can request photos and videos with those toys, give ideas of what they want to see me doing and which ones they want to see more of, and I can have a go at filling those requests. Not sure exactly how to go about setting that up on the site, but I have a few ideas to test out, I’ll see if I can get it up and running by the end of this month.

Otherwise, I’m sure there’ll be plenty more I’ll want to post here, even if just more blog posts of things I’m doing or like or whatever I think of, we’ll see how it goes and what else I think of in the future. There’s plenty of room for a site like this to grow.

First Blog Post

The first new post I’ve made to a blog in about seven years, let’s see if I can keep this one active for a bit longer. So, I’m working on updating the new website, my first aim is to get the site looking nice, and second is to set up some organised system for taking requests and suggestions for future video content. I have a backlog of a few videos I made earlier in the month that I can use to keep my channel active while I work on this, the plan being to have the site up and running before those videos run out, which gives me at best nearly a month.

With the basics now in place, it should not be much work to get the rest online, though a lot of this is things I have not done before, or not done in a long time, so bear with me a bit if it takes longer. I may need to speak to a few people with more experience, but luckily I have met a few such in my years as part of this community.