Beachball Deflation

I eventually did have to deflate that big beachball, it was taking up far too much space in the room, every time I needed to get anywhere, it had to be rolled to a different in the way spot, or picked up and shuffled around to squeeze past and back.

I’m hoping this video is popular, it has all the kinds of things people like, the huge toys, the beachballs, the soft, hissing deflation and views of the toy going flat and creasing up around me. As much as I collect and play with these toys for my own enjoyment, I’m not going to pretend that higher view numbers on the youtube don’t also make me happy, not least just because it means more other people are getting to enjoy something they like.


I actually made this video near enough a month ago, but where thanks to personal circumstances, and the general stuff going on in the world, I’ve not been reliably able to have time and space for recording more, I made sure to get a bunch in advance when I did have the chance, and spread them out over a few weeks. This one, from a week or so after the rest, is the last I had held back, but hopefully now things are getting back to normal. We’ll see what happens.

Going to leave one last teaser picture here from a brand new video and new delivery that’s going to be showing up soon, can you guess what it is?

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