Growing Struggle

Today’s youtube upload is one from the requests section of this website, I was asked to inflate something inside a shirt, such that the buttons popped off as it grew larger against me. This turned out to be something of a challenge, partly due to how strong shirt buttons actually are, and partly due to the large hole at the bottom of the shirt that half inflated toys keep falling through.

The current video is my third attempt at getting it right, and that only works because bits of it were edited together, with whole chunks taken out of the middle where I struggled to keep the big, half full beach ball under control. I hope the end result is at least enjoyable to watch for all that effort. This is also the last of the backup set of videos I made earlier in case I didn’t have opportunities to record more, from this week on videos are going to be made as and when I have time and space, hopefully still to the same schedule, but we’ll see.

I still have a few new purchases that have yet to make an appearance on the channel, so with luck they’ll be turning up soon, and of course the site’s requests feature is still active, so if there’s anything more you want to see, send ideas there.

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