Deflatable Heap

Another new video up on the youtube today, getting through the bunch I made in anticipation of having a lot less free time for doing so over these last few weeks. Another video featuring a stack of swim rings at that lovely spiral serpent, but probably the last of these I’ll be doing for a while, they don’t seem to be getting the interest other toys are. I’ve enjoyed making them, but I think I’ve done what I can with the topic now, and have a few new items to get out and play around with once I get another chance, probably next month as things are going now.

Still waiting to see what effect posting regularly once a week has on youtube’s recommendation of my stuff to people, apparently they rate channels higher if they’re more consistent, but we’ll see. Might be that my own social media spaces are a better way of reaching a larger audience, rather than relying on a website that isn’t getting any advertising money out of me and doesn’t much care for the content I produce. Whatever happens, though, I’m not going anywhere.

For now, enjoy watching me fall into a big heap of soft, squishy, gently hissing pool toys and squirm and flail about as I struggle uselessly to climb out from amongst them.

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