Stuck in the Rings

Setting up for this week’s new video (currently uploading to was a bit of a challenge, stacking all the many toys in the right way without falling over, though the end result was definitely worth it. Getting in and out of the stack was also challenging, though in a rather more fun way, for which a couple of little clips might appear online.

There was also a good chance that the video would just not work out well, the big, fun snake toy coming out of place and filling up off to one side, or not being able to stretch around the other inflated parts. I made sure to get a less adventurous but hopefully still fun to watch beach ball inflation video ready at the same time, in case it was needed, so that’s next week’s upload sorted too.

The plan for this month is to test out what the youtube algorithm thing does when I post videos regularly at the same time each week, so still a bit of a wait for that one, I’m afraid.


Fortunately, it was possible in the end for me to squirm out from amongst all those tightly entwined inflatables. The snake toy did a great job of holding them tight together, but luckily, for me, the top and bottom rings were not held in place. Maybe two such snakes, each wrapped around three rings would make a more sturdy stack, or had one of the smaller rings been around my waist such that it pinned my arms by my sides, getting free may have been almost impossible, not that anyone would want that. Just noting things to make sure not to do next time.

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