Welcome to the new website space for Kit’s inflatable toy fun. I have been posting videos to youtube and elsewhere and joining in online discussions on the topic since 2011 and now finally have a website of my own.


I first posted inflatable toy related videos to YouTube back in the summer of 2011, after accidentally finding that other people were doing the same while testing out the new ‘online shopping’ trend that was coming into use at the time. After losing and restarting my account, I have since posted well over 100 videos, joined in inflatable toy fan communities and websites across the internet, and in person a few times, and only plan to keep going and doing even more, year after year.

I live in England, on the sunny south coast, within easy access of a few seaside toy shops, and split my time between a part-time job, part-time university course and a few local clubs.

I am still looking into what I can do with this new online space, beyond linking people between my video and social media accounts and other locations online where I am active. I would like to include more content and photos here, behind the scenes information for anyone interested, as well as opportunities for people to send in their requests for future video content. Generally, I just like showing off my love of inflatable toys and talking with others that share the same interest, and will take advantage of any space that will allow me to do so.


Site Updates

It’s been a while, but I have sections on the site now for listing the toys in my collection currently, and a space for people to submit requests and ideas for new video content. There’s still space for more on the site, hopefully I’ll be able to keep adding new interesting stuff to it for …

Website Plans

Aside from a space to give some basic information on who I am and what I do, and to post a few nice photos of my fun inflatable toy collection, what else do I want to get out of this space? I think the main things I want to focus on here at the moment …

First Blog Post

The first new post I’ve made to a blog in about seven years, let’s see if I can keep this one active for a bit longer. So, I’m working on updating the new website, my first aim is to get the site looking nice, and second is to set up some organised system for taking …